Time doesn't heal... Your decision does.. (madhatterinside) wrote,
Time doesn't heal... Your decision does..

Crappy pics of Super Show 4

My section was really chaotic and the security was really tight, one of my friends got caught recording with her phone and was asked to turn it off. And i heard there was a security guard that took a fan's camera. Though i hid my camera and passed the security rummage (thanks to my bag's magic pocket), i can't maximize my camera's function since I am stupid at photography.

I don't like his outfits at all. I want him to wear nice red jacket that he wore on some Super Show.

Hyukjae on the box. I bet Donghae wants it.

During You and I they wandered all around the stage, and danced.

I just love this part.

I scream 'my bed, Lee Hyukjae' when he wore the mask.

And the end.
Actually, i thought of leaving the fandom after watching Super Show, but ahahaha, i realize i'm in debt to them soo much and I still love them and I need to get some good laugh from them.
Tags: babbles, eunhae/haehyuk, hey! my mr.lawrence!, hyukjae aka eunhyuk, life is full of trivia, life is things mixed together as one, the other way to spell life is f-u-n, yours truly
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