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Dirty Six Legs’ Love
Summary : Through his little transparent windows, he found the most beautiful creature.
Rating : PG-13
Pairing : EunHae
Genre : Romance?, weird
Warning : Unbetaed
A/N : Haha.

Dirty Six Leg’s Love

Hyukjae had stayed in the building for a long time, when the previous owner left the building, and for a while only emptiness filled the building, until some nice furniture, wrapped in white material, were sent inside the house and at certain time he sensed another creature presence.

He sensed a high-pitch frequency sound, when he visited the place where a plenty of water was often available there, a favorite place for a creature like him. Between the high-frequency sound, his unfocused eyes spotted a figure, and it made him stop moving for a while, through many lenses on his eyes, the figure came in convex shape and many reflections, but he knew, the figure was the most beautiful creature he had seen until now.

Through his senses, he knew whether the creature was inside the building or not. And it was always when the blue color changed into black, the door would click and he sensed a low frequency sound on the floor. Hyukjae knew, when the creature breathed a steady breath with eyes closed, lying on a comfortable square area, was the perfect time to watch the creature in a close distance. Since the creature would always produce a high-pitch frequency every time Hyukjae came near and Hyukjae wondered why.

Hyukjae sensed another presence beside the most beautiful creature one day. He sensed a weird low frequency sound came out from his most beautiful creature. The another creature and his most beautiful creature tangled into weird position and the weird frequency sound came out again from the red beautiful lines on his most beautiful creature. Hyukjae wondered why his most beautiful creature sounded to enjoy what the another creature was doing.

Hyukjae ran the next morning, confronting the another creature whom stood at the place where delicious smell always came from. Through his two aerials, he senses that his most beautiful creature was also there. Like always, he sensed a high frequency sound, until finally something flat hit his body and he was as flat as the floor.
“Oh, God, thanks Bummie, the cockroach has been haunted me for a while.” Donghae said. “Can you throw it to the trash can, I am too disgusted to even touch it.”

~End of Dirty Six Leg’s Love~

Comments are highly appreciated. And thank you in advance silent readers for reading, good day with your day! (i am watching you anyway).
Tags: drabble, eunhae/haehyuk, super junior
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