Time doesn't heal... Your decision does.. (madhatterinside) wrote,
Time doesn't heal... Your decision does..

Got the ticket, but it seems i'll be a wanderer in Jakarta due to exchanging the ticket voucher to real ticket. Dear, Jakarta and its citizen, please be nice to me. I hope i won't be lost. Oh Super Junior, the things i do for watching you.
And for people who blame the promotor for all the hecticness read this http://spicalaxy.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/direct-sell-ticket-ss4ina-showmaxx-did-their-best/ Some disappointed fans bash and blame the promotor, but they are asking for the 3rd day show to SM now (i doubt SM will grant it, but if they do, then some fans should apologize to the promotor and staff) . If i were them, i don't bother to ask for people who already bash and make all the blame on me.
Tags: babbles, life is full of trivia, mmv
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