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For mardong09 I promised her some words, so i feel it's not right to not fulfill my promise, and i lost her e-mail address so i post it here.

Her mind wondered to many things. Mainly random things and it smelled at the verge of philosophy-ish. But seriously, she thought, many people would act like she was doing if they were given her situation now, she knew, it was almost common sense.
It was sacrifice but also a triumph on the other hand. Nothing was free in this world, there would always be a certain price for something. You want something, you lose something in order to get what you want or you pay for it, she thought. Even love. Love, wasn't that word overrated? As if it was something important that could solve anything. Human used and treated the word as if it was a god for them. Some worshiped it, and some despised it. Despite of those two sides, love existed in this world we lived in. No disagreement about its existence. Though there was the fact that there were many unsolved things in this world, hunger, war, and betrayal were just a few examples. Anyone could kill anyone, anyone could turn their back from their beloved people. For any reason. So why did people think of love so highly? Oh, hey, why did she thought about this anyway? She was just one of seven billion people in this planet. There would be someone whom would solve this complication of love, but surely it was not her. Not this time, at least, when she was about to change her life. Maybe for forever.
Forever. She chuckled. How long forever was exactly? The answer would differ, depending on to whom the question was asked. Mathematicians would answer with numbers and probably mixed it together with letters and physicists would answer with unfamiliar system of unit maybe light year would be involved. But how long was forever exactly for common people like her? Nah, forget it, some things were better left as mysteries, and maybe the length of forever was one of those things. She was too young and too happy to care about how long forever was. It was not her only. Everyone was too young to formulate the exact length of forever.
She should stop thinking, her mind spoke. If love couldn't solve anything, especially for her in the future, so what? If love wasn't enough, then she would use wisdom, patience, dedication, and forgiveness. If the length of forever was unclear, she got plenty of time to figure it out. With her spouse. In a few hours and in the future, she wouldn't be thinking and trying to figure things out alone. She smiled.
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