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A Not So Fanaccount of Super Show 4 Indonesia 2nd Day

I was tired already because of the long queue so some of my comment maybe sounded too harsh. Writing this on my iPod right after the concert before I forget everything then re-wrote it on my laptop.
I met leona_green, but since we took different area, we just said hi and went separately. She reminds me of Wonder Girls’ Sohee a lil bit (maybe because their cheeks? I don’t know).

During A Man In Love, Hyukjae and Donghae did the fight action, Donghae seemed to be the aggressive one, his face was really close to Hyukjae.
I think, it was during Opera, Donghae caressed Kyuhyun’s jaws down to his neck.
Sungmin went to my area, right in front of me, aannnddd who said he’s cute? He’s freaking handsome and his stare stunned me.

Donghae slapped his own butt at the end of Oppa, Oppa right in front of camera. He knows he has sexy butt, I think. AndsinceinmyopinionhehasthethirdnicebuttafterKyuhyunandSungmin. Okay, sorry, but Donghae really likes to slap his own butt during Opera’s performance on Super Show. Maybe he was seducing Donghae, according to leona_green. And the way Hyukjae moved his hips, LMAO, was just too cheap, too bad Hyukjae’s butt is almost non-exist.

During Don’t Don, I don’t know why, Hyukjae’s expression was not good, like Don’t don on SMTown Paris and troubled Hyukjae always worries me (well, excuse my mom’s instinct).

I forgot which song Hyukjae walked in front of my area and I gawked in awe, he’s beautiful, gorgeous, uniquely charming on his own way. For everything’ sake, he is like an ancient Korean prince that came out straight from legend and folktale. His side figure, nose, jaws, adam’s apple mesmerize and send me to another world. I mean, I always have a thing for his nose, jaws and his side figure, seeing those live is just … indescribable feeling.

There was a fatal error during Walking, the music stopped. Siwon, Sungmin and Yesung were on stage that time. Siwon managed to handle the situation first, Yesung did some weird dance as continuation, and Sungmin was trying to make it less awkward. Hyukjae came out from backstage and started to talk something then the song continued and Hyukjae ran back to backstage.

Hyukjae solo, I can’t remember it clearly, too busy admiring him, but he said about his red hat was made from Indonesia and since so, he felt the urge to buy it (Hyukjae, I was made in Indonesia too, why don’t you buy me?). He asked fans ‘Mengerti?’ (Do you understand?) and fans answered ‘Nooooo~~’ he went ‘What?’. And now he was Rio (maybe Rio Dewanto, I don’t have any idea), Dimas (I don’t know him either), Mike Lewis, and Darius Sinathrya (lol, Darius is more handsome than you, Hyukjae. Sorry, but I really like Darius)

Good Friends, Siwon sat on Sungmin and later Donghae joined them. I didn’t pay any attention during Good Friends since there was a big box with Peace written on it, in front of my area and I know a weird breed of chicken-dove was inside it. (Until now, I don’t know what’s Hyukjae’s role in Good Friends VCR, except for crazy chicken-dove breed with nice abs)

I forget during which song, Donghae was making heart with Hyukjae, but Hyukjae didn’t do the same and just stared at Donghae whom didn’t know that he was making heart alone (maybe a revenge from SS4 Paris?)

Hyukjae and Donghae took the lifter on my area, Hyukjae during Pajama Party and Donghae I forget. So they were above me. And those made me grin like idiot.
Donghae was asked to teach ‘You and I’ dance, but he stopped halfway shyly (on the third move, if I am not mistaken) and asked Hyukjae to do it for him and Hyukjae complied, of course.

Sungmin and Donghae bullied Hyukjae whom was at the floor during Doremi, kicking him.
Kyuhyun and Hyukjae played around some time before the end, fake funny high-five, fake-funny kicking, funny and adorable.

Before Miracle (maybe) Hyukjae took one gold mask and pouted his lips as best as he can do. It reminds me of duck face that some girls do.
I forget during which song, Donghae hugged Hyukjae, putting his hand on Hyukjae’s chest, then slipped his hand between the gap of Hyukjae’ shirt buttons (Can I join you, Donghae?)

At the end, Lee brothers did their ritual and Donghae hit Hyukjae before they went backstage. (or it’s the opposite, pardon my Dory memory)
Siwon was too cheap at the end, LMAO. He lost at rock paper scissors, he stripped and got watered, when he got a towel, he did some cheap moves with cheap facial expression too. He caught Donghae and wanted to Donghae to strip, but Donghae refused.
Too bad Hyukjae didn’t join Siwon to the stripping club (and Ryeowook too on his solo, why the girl didn’t lift his shirt up?!!!)

And thanks to EXO-M, if they didn’t perform, I wouldn’t be able to rest during the concert. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m impassive towards them, but my ulcer forced me to take a rest so I sat during EXO-M’s performance). They are polite, one boy who I noticed from his dancing kept bowing to SuJu, while in my opinion, SuJu is easy going senior who doesn’t mind whether their junior is polite to them or not.

It was fun, if only the queue wasn’t that crazy and ate my patience and my ulcer didn’t decide to appear at the middle of concert, Henry and ZhouMi were there (my kid, Henry T_T) It’d be more fun. SuJu really appreciates their fans from what I saw and felt. Well, like Hyukjae’s Say My Name , Super Junior eats their fans love.

Leeteuk is really a smooth talker, ahahaha. I do understand why SuJu's members sometimes mock him when he is talking. He really has a player's tongue.
I bit my lightstick too often due to their awesomeness and mostly because of Hyukjae.
And Hyukjae, I love how your eyes glow because of the stagelights illuminate it.

Crossposted on my tumblr. Some ugly pics will be posted later, too lazy to take my camera in my room.
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