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Words through Life
Pairing : HyukHae
Rating : PG
Genre : confusing, haha.
Summary : Life was a gigantic book, while human was merely tiny creatures writing their will, passion and feelings on it, word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, page by page, and chapter by chapter, tangled and sometimes lined up together into labyrinth of story.
Warning : unbetaed
A/N : I don’t know how many times Plastic Tree’s music and lyric have inspired me. Kinda metaphoric.

It was messy and chaotic at first, when they tried to write together on that gigantic paper. Donghae gawked, his mouth forming a big O, and Hyukjae sighed weakly. Since when his paper became this big, he didn’t remember.
“Whoa, Hyuk, it’s sure big.” Donghae, still gawking in awe.
Hyukjae didn’t respond and he started writing, while Donghae was still admiring the size of the paper, sometimes running around, measuring the paper’ size with his steps. It was some time after, Hyukjae realized, Donghae had started writing, humming some random tunes from his mouth.

It was noisy, Hyukjae thought, Donghae couldn’t keep his mouth shut while he was writing, he said his writing out loud to Hyukjae though Hyukjae didn’t ask him to. And sometimes he, without permission, put Hyukjae’s name to his sentences, pulling too-concentrated Hyukjae from finishing his sentence, and forcing Hyukjae to read Donghae’ sentence that had his name on it. On his sentence, one time, Donghae had Hyukjae eat seafood and ended up with digestion. That was not very nice, but Hyukjae himself wondered why he complied though.

Their first page together was rather clean, Hyukjae owned one quarter of the paper, and the rest was Donghae’s due to his big hand-writing.

Pages after pages, Donghae acted on his own, drawing and doodling absentmindedly yet happily instead of writing. He even didn’t keep his sentence, which was only a few, in line.
“I don’t care,” responded Donghae, pouting, once Hyukjae nagged him because he hardly wrote but drew various childish creatures. “It’s too boring if it’s only letters and letters.”

After a few pages, things became worse. Donghae, instead of writing his own sentences and paragraphs, he butt in to Hyukjae’ sentences, finishing some unfinished sentences, even meddled up, writing on Hyukjae’s sentence while Hyukjae was in the middle of writing the sentence. Sometimes Donghae even changed the word to a drawing.

Hyukjae wondered, why and what brought him to this condition, writing paper by paper together with Donghae, sharing pages and slowly completing each other sentence and drawing. He didn’t remember it.

For the worst, Hyukjae couldn’t recognize which writings were his previous pages. Once when he wrote that he went to the café nearby, was it Donghae’s or his? The one said that he wanted to go to Egypt, was it Donghae’s or his? So he went hundreds pages back, checking which ones were his writing. And much to his surprise, the pages were all messed up. The pages where he still wrote alone, it were such in disorder, Donghae’s pages got mixed up in it, Hyukjae knew that hand-writing too well, Donghae’s and his previous pages were all messed up and disarranged became one.

Hyukjae gave up, looking through those disarray pages was something tiring.

Sometimes, Donghae begged to the big person whom turned their recent page to the next page, making them write the continuation or purely a new chapter, Donghae would sat at the corner of the page and beg that he didn’t want to leave the page. Sometimes even Donghae asked to the big person to stop turning to the next page, so that their story would end at the part that Donghae liked and mostly happy parts. Like the one when Hyukjae and him going to Japan just the two of them, eating cakes, candies, cuddling, holding hands and laughing, though only a few days, Donghae cried hard, begging the big person to stop turning the page. Sometimes Hyukjae joined, because he couldn’t bear hearing Donghae’s cry and he admitted he felt the same way like Donghae, he wanted to stay at the pages, unwilling to see and write another blank page ahead. But they were just two tiny creatures in comparing to the gigantic creature that turned their page. And at every turning page, Donghae hoped there wouldn’t be another blank page waiting for them to be filled with words, sentences, paragraphs, and drawings. He hoped for ‘the end’ words to come at the next page, making their story end at the happy part. Something that Hyukjae secretly wished too.

~End of Words through Life~

Comments are highly appreciated. And thank you in advance silent readers for reading, good day with your day! (i am watching you anyway).

Tags: eunhae/haehyuk, fanfic, super junior
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