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Time doesn't heal... Your decision does..

Bad Intro

Hi. My name is Milka. Indonesian. Currently taking Japanese Literature as my major. In K-pop I am a fan of Super Junior and Epik High and many of k-indies. I love music in any genre esp metal and jazz. J-metal is my other fandom. My biases in Super Junior are Eunhyuk, and Henry Lau, sometimes Ryeowook, Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun. I am weird. Do not add me if you don't have nothing to do with my fandom but if you bear the same feeling with me about fandom, you are more than welcome. I'm an awkward person to new friends, but after some adjustments and  conditions-reading, i am not awkward at all. I'm not nice basically, i can be really annoying and go bitching around and be grumpy and say things blatantly and cruelly there and then, especially if things start to get me irritated. Well, i have so many traits that can't be explained, so i think that's all.
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